Introduction to the French Word Une Bête

Introduction to the French Word Une Bête

The meaning of the word une bête, pronounced "bet," means animal, insect, and creature in English. However, as an adjective, the word can also mean stupid, silly and foolish.

Examples and Common Expressions

Je n'aime pas aller dans la forêt, il y a trop de bêtes - I don't like to go into the forest, there are too many creatures.

(adj) - stupid, silly, foolish

Qu'est-ce qu'il est bête ! - He's so stupid!

Related: comme une bête - like a dog: travailler comme une bête - to work like a dog / like crazy, malade comme une bête - sick as a dog; être bête comme ses pieds - to be as thick as two short planks / a real idiot; chercher la petite bête - to nit-pick